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Steve’s background.

Late Twentieth Century:


  • John Marshall high school, 1966
  • Broadcast Journalism, Brown Institute
  • Journalism at University of Minnesota
  • US Army, infantry, 1968–1970
  • Dunwoody College, Web Services


Jones Rossi, advertising studio, 1975–present
Rossi Websites, 2010–present

Other employment:

  • Engineer, Radio Voice of the Gospel, Madagascar
  • Engineer, Twin Cities Public Television
  • Apple Care, iphone and desktop support
  • Merrill Corporation, Financial Services Marketing & Communications
  • Micro Center, Customer Service, Apple Department

Other interests:

Drummer, The Pagans, 1963–1965, reunion 1990, YouTube
Picture of Pagans reunion
Drummer and vocals in lots of other bands:
Azure Clouds, Gilda Gray, WMJR
Other instruments: keys and bass

Twenty-first Century:

Website Creation

Recent projects:

Check the rfactor Lab icon scroll down this page and Network icon scroll down this page sections for experiments, proposals, and my network of sites.
Sunshine Valley Childcare on a phone.

Sunshine Valley Childcare mocked-up on a phone

Robbinsdale Websites on an iPad

Robbinsdale Websites mocked-up on a tablet

Robbinsdale Websites on an iPad

Finn Daniels Architects proposed site, mocked-up on a large screen

My workspace on a billboard on a billboard

Photo of my workspace mocked-up on a billboard on a billboard on a billboard.

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