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Revised on Monday, May 24, 2017

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Published on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Echo Look from Amazon.

Does this plaid make my polkadots look fat?

The Verge reports
Rise of the AI fashion police.

Published on Friday, May 5, 2017

Call before you dig.

You’re just about ready to cut the cord.
But no one is getting internet TV right—yet.
Looks like Over the Top (OTT) TV will bury cable.

Over-the-top content (OTT) is a term for media transmitted via the Internet as a standalone product, that is, without cable or satellite television systems. —Wikipedia

A category of cord-cutters was labeled by Nielsen in March 2013 as “Zero TV”. In 2007, two million households had neither subscribed to a television service or received television programming via antenna. By 2013, this number had increased to five million. —Wikipeida

OTT examples include Hulu and Netflix.

But OTT services have to cut costs to compete. We’re looking at you, big-time sports!

“The sports channels are among the most expensive... but they’re also one of the few things keeping live TV alive.” — Jan Dawson on Tech.pinions

OTT Pay TV Offerings, May 2017
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Ok, Alexa-Siri-Cortana (ASC!). Show me baseball on Twitter.

Advertisement for Twitter MLB strean.

Published on Sunday, May 14, 2017

Psy comes back. Again.

More Korean musicians are thriving outside the Kpop machine.

reports noisey.vice.com


Oohyo debuted in 2014 with an EP of cozy, confident, fleetingly quaint keyboard tunes.

Hoody—Like You

One of Hoody’s most infectious jams is last year’s Like You, which sways and trills with all the grace of a lost 00s Mariah classic.

CiFiKa—Third Culture Kid—My Ego

CiFiKa is a former art director whose creative career started with a $100 Casio keyboard at a college in Los Angeles.

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