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Revised on Sunday, April 17, 2017

Baby Steps

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So, like, sexy news videos?

No, people have tried that—it's still just video content. We need to actually inform people through making out. I would call it Mouth Content.

Published on Monday, April 10, 2017

The definition of dictionaries has changed.

Sideways Dictionary is a project by The Washington Post to make understanding tech terms easier using analagoies.


is a collaborative project to produce a free, multilingual dictionary.

Wiktionary has grown beyond a standard dictionary and includes a thesaurus, a rhyme guide, phrase books, language statistics and extensive appendices. You get the definition of a word, plus enough information to thoroughly understand it. Etymologies, pronunciations, sample quotations, synonyms, antonyms and translations are included.

Published on Sunday, April 2, 2017

A man walks into a grocery store...

Wheelys opens test store in Shanghai.

Amazon Go is a cashier-free grocery store. Amazon Go has checked you out.Man walks out of grocery with a sandwich without a check-out cashier.

Amazon Go opens cashier-free smart grocery store CBS News

Wall Street Journal reporter Laura Stevens joins CBSN with more on their plan to ditch the lines.

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