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rfactor: World-wide website writing and design, plus gossip and speculation by Steve Rossi

Who writes websites?

Steve wears glasses.

Steve Rossi

He offers experience in advertising since 1970 and in websites since 1998.

He’s a limner and scrivener, which means designer and writer, who has worked in many markets for all kinds of clients, from fast food to healthcare.

He is an avid reader of periodicals, a professional drummer, and plays electric bass and keyboards as a hobby.

What You Get

Candy hearts for Valentine’s day

$2300 must get you something you can tell the IRS about.

Well, yes. Yes it does.

I’ve devoted a page to that very subject..

Other pages your site will have.

File Not Found

When your File-Not-Found page is missing

Thanks for Signing Up

Heartfelt appreciation

Speaking of signing up, you can use the form to send comments or questions.

Landing Pages

For visitors from Facebook, your print ad, business card, or promotional events

Instead of linking to your website’s homepage, link them to a landing page created specifically for that audience.

You can use a sub-domain such as facebook.yourwebsite.com or redplum.yourwebsite.com