Your $2300 rfactor website contains these building blocks.

Prelude Content: strategy and story

Business name

Master information document:

  • Name, address, phone, website
  • business description
  • Google map, social accounts, personnel and bios, corporate style sheet, logo, product list with prices, business partners and affiliates, privacy policy including cookies


Positioning and strategy

Story with customers’ benefit list

Search engine optimization

Complexion reduction

Promise the truth the whole truth nothing but

Provisioning Design and execution



Email accounts

Logo, svg, png, jpg, ico

Responsive design, mobile friendly and accessible


Contact form, blog, map

Social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+

Pursue life liberty happiness

Publish Launch and supporting services

Pages: Thank you for signup and contact, File not found, landings for external links and print ads and email campaigns

Robots text, humans text

Google Analytics

MailChimp list

Site health monitor

Traffic monitor

Double check spelling grammar return on investment

What you get

What you get